It’s been a busy winter here at the Lord and Schryver Conservancy. We are pleased to have wrapped up some large winter projects and are eagerly awaiting the return of spring.

The primary project was the restoration of the Reserve Garden at Gaiety Hollow. This area served as much more than a tool shed and storage area for Edith and Elizabeth. Their journal entries frequently mention plants being lifted from the garden and set in the reserve. Edith and Elizabeth used this area to hold plants while they worked on the ever-changing color schemes of the flower garden at Gaiety Hollow. We are delighted to have this area restored to its former functional purpose.

A big thank you goes to Premium NW Landscape for the work they did on this restoration project. We will be adding a custom-made potting bench to the Reserve Garden in the next few weeks.

In other garden news, Mark spent much of the winter months at Deepwood working to restore some of the brick work in the Teahouse garden. Moss was removed, bricks were cleaned, and brick joints were resanded. Much of the settling brick edge was lifted and returned to the proper grade to better define the flower beds.

We are excited to welcome spring which, with last week’s warm and sunny weather, appears to be hiding just around the corner!