The Garden was looking beautiful today with waves of visitors enjoying a guided tour.

Tour 0

tour 3

Today’s group was the St. Anne’s Guild from St. Paul’s church…

tour 5

tour 4

and they seemed to be enjoying it…

tour 6

Here’s L&S Conservancy president Bobbie Dolp talking about garden-to-house-proximity and Lord and Schryver’s advanced thoughts about gardens in relation to domestic architecture.

tour 5a

Here Ross Sutherland, L&S Board member and curator of the Bush House Museum, talks about the original garden design.

Tour 1

And while I was sneaking around in the bushes taking photos of the Guild members, I noted the boxwoods are storming back to life after their hard pruning!!

tour box 2

tour box 1

Wednesday the Monmouth Book and Social Club will be in the garden.  Like to have your group take a tour?  Check the website under “contact”.