Edith and Elizabeth were well known travelers, as noted by the many lectures they gave to Garden Clubs and other interested groups. I was fortunate to follow in their footsteps this winter, as I joined Jane McGary, a good friend of mine and longtime botanical editor for Timber Press, on her eighth trip to Chile.

During our adventure, we drove over 1,500 miles from north of Santiago all the way to the Lakes District in the south. We met some wonderful people, saw amazing birds and wildlife, enjoyed some local gardens and observed many beautiful plant species in their native habitats. Chile has a fantastic diversity of habitats. Our travels took us from arid steppe to subtropical forests and from sea level to over 11,000 feet in elevation.

We encountered orchids growing on recent volcanic lava flows, dramatic waterfalls covered with ferns and gunnera and mountain slopes with giant araucaria trees. The diversity of wildlife was amazing as well, with birds from burrowing parrots to the giant Andean condor, I was even lucky enough to see wild culpeo fox!



I have about 3,000 photos to organize! I’m working on a lecture that covers this amazing trip which I plan to share with supporters and friends of the Lord and Schryver Conservancy this February.

Stay tuned for this don’t miss event!