I had a moment alone in the garden this morning…it was blooming…

Allee 4-28-15

and while I was waiting for David and George to arrive with the new gate, I found this well-worn plan for the new sprinkler/drip system on the garage floor…

taer systemplan

But let’s do some gate recap.  Last week I saw the old gate…

old wooden L&S gate

and these (to me) mysterious “new” gate posts…(“how are they going to put a wooden gate on these?,” I thought…)


But today I found out when David and George arrived with these ingenious and beautifully crafted wooden posts engineered to slip over the metal ones…

post fitting 1

post fitting 2

post fitting 3

posts in place



gate looking south

gate looking north

The gate had to go back in the shop today for some final adjustments and some paint, but you can see how beautiful it will be!!  Amazing skilled volunteers to the rescue.