April 15-1938

“Flower Garden [illegible] double Peach pretty with blue Forget-me-nots [Myosotis] under. Double pink tulips edging of white viola. Lavender viola under standard roses – nearby short lavender Iris. Pale yellow double tulips and Aubrieta – Blue Scillas. This grouping pretty. Rose beds in purple violas. Safrano tulip [Tulipa ‘Safrano’] and short yellow Iris low white with yellow Alyssum. White hyacinths – White arabis with large white English double daisy. Pink Quince apple blossom [Chaenomeles ‘Apple Blossom’] with pink (2 shades) hyacinths. Pink bleeding heart with peach tree with Forget-me-nots [Myosotis scorpioides] + striped clusiana tulip [Tulipa clusiana]. Primroses – blue & lavender shades – pale yellow hyacinths + cream early tulips just in bud. Malus spectabilis bud same as Viburnum carlesii – one bud Viburnum just finishing. Primroses – pinkish tone with Viola rosea. Yellow with Tulipa ‘Marechel Niel’ + yellow (primrose) viola -with white Kamelia [Camellia? Kalmia?]”

Elizabeth Lord


The above garden journal entry gives you some idea of the meticulous detail that went into Lord and Schryver’s flower plans. Combinations were noted and remarked on constantly. Unfortunately, missing from our Archive are journal entries for the 1940’s-1960’s. It’s a shame we don’t have these later journal entries, as we could then recreate other portions of the garden, such as we did this year with the 1939-40 flower bulb plan.

These journals have shown me which flower and color combinations were generally preferred by Lord & Schryver. But I must say after my last year of journal research, these two ladies loved to change things up!

The sunshine was prolific this past week, with a day of rain over the weekend to freshen things up. It’s making for wonderful growing conditions in the garden.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe!