“This is the sweetest time in the garden. Tender green perennials coming up – with fresh tulips & early ones blooming.” Elizabeth Lord, April, 1938

The late 1930’s was a busy time for Elizabeth and Edith as they had numerous commissions in Lake Oswego, Sandy, Portland and even Walla Walla, Washington. We also know that they were working closer to home, as a project at Salem Senior High School dominates the early spring journal entries from 1938.

“March 23 – 24-25. H School work March 28-30. H. School work, Edith finished. I continued with finishing. April 1-2 and returned for overseeing Monday, a.m. April 4th – by finishing job for Banks. Making 11 days total outside work. Very bad weather for planting.” E. lord 1938

I often admire Elizabeth’s journal entries and her grousing about the weather. Any good gardener knows that the weather is the ultimate boss in the garden. You may think you have everything lined up perfectly when one good hailstorm changes it all.  A warm February can wreak as much havoc as a frosty April.

If I were to grouse about the weather this week it would be to complain about this incessant rain. Oregon’s liquid sunshine has been prolific the past seven days. Here’s to hoping that hail doesn’t arrive and damage Gaiety Hollow’s recreated 1939 Tulip show that is beginning to reveal itself.

Stay healthy,