May was a busy time for Gaiety Hollow and the Lord and Schryver Conservancy.  The laurel hedges on the north side were pruned even lower with lots of the work done by Jay and Ann…s-HlS-3ZRugPRFshmIhSSxDDfB-FUYrMJOcQGUIPySExb_9ZyPL8yYBW_w9qwf8rrczSRN3j7TK8MxkoiXXFg3sr2hZs2GvjoRt4DfGs84KUIRWjtw8Vy_gjBJKmTegGhi1ut388w4y7HJYsIXXBpPErR6WYY0THiYpXidjWiemThWnV0aFaH_0CbbgCJXguEJiJW3


Hedge 1

hedge 3garden seat 2

The Conservancy had a 3-day work session to continue on with the strategic plan that will carry the Conservancy and the garden to the next phase of ownership and management of the site…the goal here is sustainability.  The L&S Board, the garden committee, and the advisory group met at the house to start the discussion…

GH Workshop - Day 12

GH Workshop - Day 113

and were soon joined by Bill Noble (here with Marilyn Kingery and Bobbie Dolp

GH Workshop - Day 115(1)


Bill is the former Director of Preservation with the National Garden Conservancy, and has worked with L&S since day one.  It was Bill who affirmed that the L&S garden at Gaiety Hollow was a garden and a legacy well worth preserving and bringing into the public domain.  And Bill worked with the assembled group for three intensive days.  Thank you Bill Noble for believing in this garden and this story…and for inspiring us to get the property into the public domain.  A small miracle!

And tonight, on a dusk walk through the garden, I felt the privilege of being involved in this endeavor.  Come join us…we need you!

roses 1


NEWS BULLETIN…on Thursday June 4, at 12:00 noon, Board president Bobbie Dolp and Landscape designer Gretchen Carnaby will be heard on Salem History Matter on KMUZ…88.5 on your radio dial.  (If you somehow miss it, you can get it off the web site the following week under the Archives Section.)


On we go into June!