The last photos have rolled in this evening showing the oak in situ, the magical machine that grinds stump by remote control, and the Townsend’s warbler doing a good imitation of a hummingbird.

After we left the intrepid team worked on and on (THANK YOU ADAM!!!) and the tree is in place.  It went like this…





And earlier Gretchen was telling me of the miraculous stump grinder from Elwood that works remotely…the guy hardly even needs boots…





It was a long day for our intrepid crew…a day that proved above all else that FOCUS and PERSEVERENCE are part of the L&S story.  Congratulations Gretchen, David, Woody, Joyce, ADAM….hooray!

and here are Woody’s photos of that Townsend’s warbler pretending to be a hummingbird.

warbler 1warbler 2