Last Friday, a band of showers come through to wet the pavement and break out the umbrellas for the ribbon cutting ceremony at the Lower Terrace Rehabilitation project at Deepwood. Guests included board, staff and volunteers from both the Lord & Schryver Conservancy and Deepwood, City officials and even the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce Greeters! During the celebration, visitors learned specifics of the project,  enjoyed lemonade and cookies and took photos in front of the new grape arbor.

It was great to see so many folks honor this project that has transformed the approach to the Scroll Garden at Deepwood.  Thanks so much to a generous donor and for the work of dedicated volunteers to ensure that this project took place without a hitch. We are now turning our focus to rehabilitating the upper terrace area, including replacing the stairs and retaining wall and restoring the pathway leading to the lower terrace.

All the best,

Mark Akimoff

Garden Manager/Curator

The Lord and Schryver Conservancy