The Delphiniums are blooming and looking spectacular at Gaiety Hollow. The tall spikes of Foxgloves and masses of Hesperis and pink Peonies add to the show.

According to Greek mythology, Delphiniums first emerged from the spot where Ajax, the Greek god and hero of the Trojan war, died.  Here in the Northwest, native Delphiniums, or Larkspur, were used by early indigenous people to make blue dyes.

Foxglove, or digitalis lanata, contains digoxin, a toxin used to treat heart issues.  Both Delphiniums and Foxglove are highly poisonous to people and animals and should never be ingested.  Instead, just admire the striking blooms.

This past week began with light rain showers, and when the sun finally came out, the weather became quite humid.  But it looks like we can expect a stretch of sunshine for the long weekend ahead.

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all who served.