Hooray…the two week process of installing new sprinklers and a drip system for the beds began this week, executed by Kevin Schindler’s Autumn Leaf Landscaping.  We stopped by today to check the progress…the pvc pipe is ready…


the trench in the allee has been dug (this trench incidentally will carry 8-9 pipes each of which will feed various parts of the system)

the trench

and in the digging they found an old piece of iron pipe from a much earlier system…

the old pipe

the lines are drawn indicating pipelines, and the white flags denote sprinkler heads for the grassy areas…

white lines 2

sprinkler heads

white lines 1

and here’s the coiled drip hose…

GH pvc

drip hose

Stay tuned for a progress report, and in the meantime, check out the boxwoods!!

Here’s the “before”, on the day they were trimmed…

boxwood 1

and today…gardens do continually amaze us 🙂

boxwoon update