In spite of weeks of torrential rain, the intrepid volunteer gardeners planted some major plants last week.  Arborist Woody Dukes sent me images of the work party, and then we walked through in a Saturday downpour.  As I’ve often said here, there is no season that this garden isn’t beautiful…even in the pouring rain and dreary light…

winter garden

winter garden (1)

garden visitor

But let’s get to work.  Gretchen Carnaby, David Lichter and Bill fink planted a plum tree in front the newly constructed fence…

Plum 2

plum 1

and by Saturday it was looking at home…


Gretchen and David consulted historic photos and planting plans to make sure the new azaleas were properly sited…

azalea 1 (1)

preparing each site for the planting crew coming along behind…azalea 2 (1)

azalea 2

And then the crab apple, just a graceful tree sited where the shadows are beautifully cast on the white bricks…

crapapple 2

crabapple 1 (1)

crabapple 2

crabapple 1

crapapple 3

Gaiety Hollow gardeners and the Lord and Schryver Conservancy wish all of our volunteers and our friends the merriest of Christmases.  To our donors a BIG thank you for making this year’s work possible.  To our future donors, there are still a few days left this year to make a donation to an exciting cultural site in the heart of downtown Salem.

Consider being part of something remarkable!

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