We entered the garden through the back gate today, late in the afternoon, and there was a meeting going on so the lights were all on and the house looked inviting…

lights on

A walk through Gaiety Hollow this blustery afternoon revealed that MUCH work has been done in my absence…volunteers have finished trimming all the boxwood and it looks very good, even on a dark, wet and dreary day…

alle looking north (1)


Elwood’s Tree Service has done some professional trimming (best done by somebody nimble on the top of a ladder)-26




and the holly hedge is amazing…-27


holly 1

holly 2

There has been lots of planting…two white lilacs…

Lilaclilac 2

a crab apple…


and a beautifully shaped Japanese maple near the house…

Japanese maple

a small holly near the back porch…


lights on (1)

always more to do though…foundation plantings…


and then the wear and tear of time and weather always brings new projects…

fence 1 (1)

fence 2 (1)

but in spite of the wind and rain, this garden always makes me happy…and now beginning to feel festive…!