The Gaiety Hill garden of landscape architects Elizabeth Lord and Edith Schryver,

L&SArchiveImages1108 025

here in Salem, Oregon,  is temporarily safe!  A generous donation has given the Lord and Schryver Conservancy five years to raise the money for the purchase of the property.  As part of the ongoing fund-raising project this blog will give you news of the garden and…ALWAYS…images both current and historic.

L&SArchiveImages1108 033Home garden

For the historic narrative see the Lord and Schryver Conservancy website.  Here on the Gaiety Hollow blog, you’ll find pictures of the house and garden and images of progress in the garden restoration and the on-going support efforts.

So let’s start with yesterday, a late and sunny November day…not ANY garden’s Best moment…but this garden looks beautiful any season.  The grapes have been trimmed and the arbor tidied

winter arbor

a different look from the summer grape arbor I sat under this past summer…

L&S summer grape arbor

Lord and Schryver were particularly interesting to us because they really had “IT ALL”.  They understood sight lines…

Home Garden - West Allee 1 (DS)

and here’s an actual L&S photo of the view through the arbor…

Knight Library Home Garden Pergola looking east Lantern Slide

one I took last summer…


and the way it looked yesterday…

L&S winter 2013 arbor and boy

Of course gardens are all about plants, but Lord and Schryver also understood fences

L&S fence


L&S gate 2L&S gate 1

and the all-important relationship between inside and outside that makes their gardens so special…

L&S window