After enduring a good spell of rain these last few weeks, the dry days ahead are certainly welcome! Gaiety Hollow’s Camellias are about mid-bloom now, and quite a few other flowering shrubs are coming into bloom as well. The Tulips will no doubt love a respite from the rain.

The fragrant Osmanthus delavayi located right inside Gaiety Hollow’s back gate is almost finished blooming. I’ve enjoyed arriving to work in the early mornings and being greeted by its scent. This wonderful shrub was named for Abbè Jean Marie Delavay, the French Missionary in China from the 1860’s to the 1890’s. While in China, Mr. Delavay collected over 200,000 specimens with some even named after him. He was investigating the flora of Northwest Yunnan when he contracted the Bubonic Plague in 1888.  After becoming ill, he returned to France to recuperate. Sadly, he never fully recovered and passed away in 1895.


Osmanthus delavayi


Enjoy the sunshine!