From the transcribed “Lord and Schryver Personal Garden Notes” found in Special Collections #98, Box 16, Folder 6 of the L&S archive collection at the University of Oregon, Knight Library, Eugene OR:

June of 1936

“Delphinium. Pretty good. Canterbury Bells [Campanula medium] can be pinched off and will bloom in July in time for Phlox.

Use more Astilbe + Phlox in back of garden. Need more pink and white.

New Columbine good color – well with pale blue. Give more space to it.

Take out Belladona D [Delphinium x belladonna] near S. Rose and plant white Phlox there.

Put Lilium – Tulips and Canterbury Bells [Campanula medium] back of Jar. Both Hemerocallis very pretty. Advise taking out other varieties – bloom early when not needed.”

One of the best things about a garden journal or the more modern version, a garden blog, is the ability to track planting activities, weather, bloom times and more over time. I’ve been reading through the transcribed garden notes of Edith and Elizabeth and really appreciate the detailed observations.   Although often sparsely worded, these journals include a wealth of knowledge to guide us in the Gaiety Hollow garden.

If I was recreating a similar journal entry today, I would note “Delphinium good this year. Need to try that Campanula pinching trick to see if it works.”

I love how Elizabeth and Edith tracked the weather in the garden notes, making for a very interesting read.  Of course, the big news now is the warm weather…94 degrees at 4:20 pm.

Hope the blossoms don’t fade too quickly with the heat!