A good way to celebrate the many donors that have supported the garden at Gaiety Hollow was a garden party.  Sunday was one of the last days of summer, sunny and mild.  The garden (thanks to volunteer labor!) was looking lovely, there was food and music and wine…and donors.  A lovely afternoon…Garden 1

Garden 2

Garden 4

Garden 3



guests 1


Guests 2

The newest Lord and Schryver excitement at Gaiety Hollow has been the return of the urn that originally stood in the Lord and Schryver designed scroll garden at Deepwood Gardens…on the brick plinth at the back of this photo…

L&SArchiveImages1108 236

and here’s how it looked one snowy winter many decades ago…

urn in winter

Lord and Schryver chose the large ceramic urn and imported it from the Philippines where Lord’s brother was living.  The scroll garden these days is too unprotected of a place for the urn, so it is now at Gaiety Hollow…a donation from Alice Brown’s heirs.

urn 1

urn 2

Thank you donors, one and all.